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How To Create Your Own Seamless Tape In Hair Extensions Tutorial!!!

I've had so many questions about the customized seamless tape in extensions I make and the magical products I use that I thought I would create a tell all tutorial.  Of course you can buy pre-taped extensions but have found they are all very thin, not many color choices, not very secure and much more expensive.  I've found the perfect method's and products that has given clients up to 3 months of secure wear with very little shedding.   It also includes the secrets and tricks such as covered top layer extensions, double weft pieces, and closure pieces! 

If you're trying to save money by doing them yourself this is the booklet for you!  The printable PDF booklet is $9.95 and will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase, usually sooner.  The PDF book will be sent to your verified email account.